Oily Mama

I first was introduced to powerful essential oils when I heard from an athlete who I follow online (on FB). She started explaining the benefits and results.

Then, I would use these POWERFUL oils for myself and my hubby at home.When I had a rash I got out my tea tree oil/melaleuca and used it. IT HELPED! I couldn’t believe it. Also, here’s a video about Melaleuca/tea tree oil

When I’m sore I get out “deep blue” essential oil blend.

Feeling powerful and more capable in supporting my immune system + health… avoiding sickness in the first place.. is both beneficial and empowering.

Self-care is SUPER important. We hear this all of the time, but it’s so true.

I also love taking “terrazyme.” It is a pill that is offered at my oily site

Honestly, I have lost a total of 50 pounds thus far! I’m not sure that was the intent of this product, but it helped me a lot!!! I have more energy and feel healthier than ever.

Using oils daily as a self-care ritual helps in making oneself feel appreciated and cared for.

Ignoring symptoms and issues our body may be facing is counterproductive.


We have to LOVE + care about our-self before we can help others.

Invest in your health + WELLNESS.

I can not emphasize the A-mazingness of these oils enough.. get oils delivered straight to your doorstep.Take care,




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