Balsamic Salmon Fillets and Garlic and Mushroom Asparagus

Today, I made balsamic salmon fillets and garlic and mushroom asparagus. This was yummy and healthy. 

First, I made the garlic and mushroom asparagus. I preheated the oven to 350 F. I got out my cutting board and chopped the hard ends off of the asparagus. I then chopped them up into two to 3 inch sections and tossed them in a dish. After that, I used canned mushrooms. However, you can use fresh or canned mushrooms. I opened two cans of mushrooms and after having cut the bundle of asparagus up, I then tossed the mushrooms into the dish as well. I put two tablespoons of olive oil into the pain.

Next, I minced one clove of garlic and put that in the pan with the rest of the ingredients. You can then add salt and pepper and make sure you mix this all together so the oil and seasonings are covering the mushrooms and asparagus. Then put in the oven for 35-40 minutes approximately. 🙂

The balsamic salmon fillets were lovely. I wanted to use up the salmon fillets that were in my deep freeze. Super awesome recipe for using salmon fillets! 

Next, I got to baking glass dishes out and lined them with foil. I then followed this recipe! Enjoy.

I really liked being able to use up the salmon I had on hand and I love having asparagus.. it went really well to the side. 🙂 


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Site: Yummy Foods & Meal Planning Too

Thanks for joining me here! This is my new blog. I’ll be posting information about recipes I LOVE! I will sometimes even post about meal planning and tips I have for doing that. I absolutely love planning out meals rather than having to go to my cupboard or fridge and try to decide at the very LAST minute what I’ll be fixing for my family.

Oh! You want to know a bit about me? I am a

new mother to my beautiful daughter born in 10/2017. 🙂 I have been married since 2014. I’m currently a full-time student and mother, of course. : – ) I enjoy going for walks, listening to podcasts, reading (when I have time), cooking, and going out with friends and/or hubby.

Meal planning does not have to be stressful. It should make things easier and better for you and your family.

Making sure  that you are eating right is beneficial for HEALTH and ENERGY. When eating crappy and non satisfying foods a person tends to be more lethargic and more health issue ridden. Lets avoid that and try to stop that by eating healthy together!

Look better and feel better!

At one point, I was eating whatever I wanted and it was horrible for my health, and I felt awful all of the time.

Let’s get started shall we?

If you have questions or suggestions fill out the form below por favor! 🙂